Dynalist is slow right now, we're looking into it


For OPML or txt file, simply copy and paste. OPML keeps more information (like checklists) than the txt version.


Ok thank you. It worked but I lost all the color coding…I guess this is better than nothing.


Was that from OPML? OPML should have kept color labels.


Yes doesn’t work - copy paste from OPML and doesn’t include colors…


Ok and now dynalist is slow again…this is not serious…lost too much data today…

Will certainly reevaluate my workflow this week.


Hi, if you don’t refresh the page, you shouldn’t lose any data… the sync is slow but it should eventually sync. Is that the case for you?


I refreshed because I didn’t realize the server problem were occurring…so that data is gone.


Still down…starting to lose patience…


Hi everyone,

We’re really sorry for the inconvenience! We’ve been scratching our heads at this problem through the night and some of us haven’t had any sleep for over 30 hours!


The good news is that we think we’ve found the root cause, and we expect service to ramp back up to full capacity soon.

Once we verify that the issue is fully resolved, we will post a detailed write-up about the issue.

Thanks again for being patient with us!


Quick update: We’re taking Dynalist down shortly so we can apply a permanent solution to fix the issue. At the current speed, we’re expecting about 10-20 minutes.

We will be releasing a post-mortem as soon as our team recovers from the 30+ hours of sleep-debt we’ve struggled through. Thanks again to everyone patiently following us here!


DL has gone from slow to “Bad Gateway” and completely unusable


We’re back!

Hey sorry we had to take it down so we can come back faster. It should be 100% back now!


I have been working on the same page, haven’t closed browser, however, it has still not synced/saved. I am unable to for a save with “save now”.


It might take a couple of minutes before the web-app restarts sync. I believe this was first implemented so that the web-app doesn’t accidentally DDOS the server to death when the server is already struggling, or has just been revived. Just remember not to close the page until it says “synced”!

Sorry again for the trouble, especially on a monday :frowning:


@Erica , @Shida

Seems everything is working fine now.
Thanks for support!!! We’re appreciated Your hard work.

Could You let us know what was the issue? Of course once rested :slight_smile:

and yea… Have a good sleep :slight_smile:


my web client says “sync now” for good 30 minutes now, or so… my mobile app does not reflect my desktop (web) client changes… :frowning:

not good!


I wonder if this was a mere coincidence or it was somehow related to workflowy problems https://status.workflowy.com/ - the same infrastructure?


both are on AWS


I don’t have this problem. Synced in a flash


pressing “Sync” calls HTTP Get that returns 200 OK immediately; however it doesn’t seem to save my latest changes - at least I cannot see them in the mobile app :frowning:

anyways, need to navigate home for today. All the best with fixing it, I hope my double export to HTML/OPML will save me