Dynalist is often very slow in the browser

I’ve been on the dynalist paid plan for a few years now. Over the past year, the service seems to have gotten increasingly slow.

I used to think this was only for very large documents (which others have reported) but now I think it is a more general problem. Opening even a short document can take up to a minute or more. Is it expected that the amount of time to load should scale with the size of the document, or does it have to load all of my documents into memory first?

Even just going to https://dynalist.io/feedback can take a minute or more to load the page. Does dynalist just not have enough bandwidth or something?

I have generally noticed this problem from both work and home, so I don’t think it’s my internet connection.

Thanks for any tips / advice

UPDATE: This problem was resolved when I switched the wireless antenna on my desktop computer to a different one.

Opening even a short document can take up to a minute or more.

Really? I store my entire life in 1 single large document. I just timed it from Enter in the URL bar in a fresh browser - fully loads in under 2 seconds every time.

Can you try incognito mode in your browser? I wonder if you have a malware browser extension or something. Incognito will disable all extensions.

Also try the desktop app.

Also try a different browser. Chrome. Safari. Firefox.

Also try a browser benchmark Speedometer 2.1 mine gets a 292 score on a Macbook Air from 2019

Also try a bandwidth test Speedtest by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test I got 738.0 Mbps download 467.7 Mbps upload on my home wifi

Something is wrong…just gotta figure out what…

No, it only loads the current document into memory. The other documents don’t matter. If it’s a small document it should load in like 1 second.

thanks for the tips!

  • no difference when I switch to a new browser (Chrome or Firefox).
  • browser benchmark: 136. speedtest: 367 down/275 up. this is with gigabit FiOS, but through AT&T’s wifi router.
  • desktop app: did not know this existed, will try

The slowness is crazy. Like, just watching the images download on the homepage of dynalist is taking me pack to dial-up days (if you are old enough to remember that) … the images load one line at a time, taking maybe 3 minutes to complete. I also realized that one other website also loads absurdly slowly: dropbox. All other websites are normal/fast. I’m starting to wonder if dynalist and dropbox use the same provider and for some reason my computer just has a horrible connection to that particular provider. In the system monitor I can see the download speed is like 50kbps for dynalist (and much faster normally).

But since I posted, I now think it’s something to do with my wifi antenna on this particular computer. Another computer (old laptop) on the same wireless network loads at a normal speed. I will also try rebooting my router. A lot of people complain about AT&T’s provided wifi router, maybe that is the problem