Dynalist Highlighter – Web Highlighter Chrome Extension

Hello everyone! :wave:

Over the last weeks, I wrote a small chrome extension that can be used to highlight multiple parts of the web page (e.g an article). In the last two days, I put it all together in a way that it could be used by anyone. If it’s helpful for me, then there is probably someone else who could benefit.

Go here to install the extension

Some features:

  • You can set your own highlight inbox (e.g a Knowledge-Base)
  • Html is automatically converted to Markdown (e.g links, bold text)
  • The selected text automatically extends to include full words and trims empty space
  • You can change the bookmark title while highlighting
  • Dark Mode (NEW)
  • Pick your own Inbox (NEW)

What’s planned:

  • Being able to add annotations to the highlights (Saved as notes in Dynalist)
  • Being able to highlight and save images

I only tested the extension for myself and there are probably some bugs. If you encounter any problems please write to me directly or add a comment in this thread.

I’m actively looking for feedback. Thanks!


Thanks @Daniel_Wirtz. I’m very pleased to see this finally out. I’ve tested it out. It looks nicely designed, but when I click to add to Dynalist, I just get the blue circle rippling forever. Nothing happens.

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Thanks! I need to add more error handling.

Could you try to reinstall and make sure to save both the API Key and the Inbox Selection. Also try to check, that there is no empty space copied with the key.

Let me know if this works.

Yes, that works, thanks.

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Thanks a lot ! I think it’ll be very useful !

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This would be very nice to have.

When I paste in the API Key, then press “Save” button next to it, the pasted entry (converted to dots) shakes for several seconds and the input is not accepted.

Not sure what to do about it. What is the expected behaviour?

The option page is still a bit buggy. I will fix a couple of things over the weekend.

The expected behavior is that the “Choose your highlight inbox” section appears and that your files are loaded in the dropdown. This is a sign that the connection was successfully made.

But I don’t know what makes your form shake to be honest. I will try to replicate this myself and will send you an update.

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Thanks, Daniel. I am a developer myself, so anything I can do to help you out with the testing, just let me know.

This are the things that make Dynalist great! Thank you!


Glad that you like it!


Very nice idea. Works well in short testing so far

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Thanks @ruud!

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I spend a major part of the weekend on refactoring the code and will make some usability changes. Quick overview:

  • Settings will move into the widget (Easier to reach and change)

  • When the widget is loaded selections will be directly highlighted (Without the popup)

  • In the same notion, a click on the highlight will automatically delete it

  • It will be possible to set the position, where the bookmark is added (Start or end of the file)

  • Improved look and experience

The update will also give me a better foundation to build other features.


That sounds great. I’ve found that on second use of Dynalist Highlighter, the app stalls after adding, with the endless blue ripples. That happens again after entering the API (without a space at the end) and setting Inbox in the options.

Should I uninstall and re-install?

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There are multiple small bugs that could cause this. I also had the endless blue ripples, when I highlighted overlapping text elements for example.

I’m working on an improved version and this should fix the major bugs and also offers a lot more Feedback, when the extension runs into problems.

In the mean time you can try to reinstall and follow these steps:

  1. Go to options
  2. Insert the key and save the key
  3. Pick the inbox and save it

Only touching the options once is the cleanest way. But I’m unsure if it will solve your problems. I will probably have a new update ready at the end of the week.


Dear Daniel,
Thank you very much for developing nicely new extention.

I tested this extention today (Jan 28) and I could send bookmark to my Inbox( The name is ”New Inbox”) and the text which I highlighted.

Then I clicked bookmark and opened bookmarked page but the text wchich I had highlighted was not highlighted.

I expect that the text wchich I highlighted is shown be highlighted when I open the bookmarked page which is inserted by this extension, is it my misapprehension ?

Please refer some attached picture.

Hey @ichikawa!

I’m currently not storing which highlights where made on a website and send them straight to the inbox. Which means that when you reload the page, or visit it later again, you will not see your highlights.

Why would this be useful for you? What is the case, where you need to access highlights a second time on the website?

Hi @Daniel_Wirtz
Despite the parameter in Dynalist, text that I capture with your extension is insert at the beginning of the document.
Can you make an enhancement for choosing where the captured text go (beginning or end of the document) ?

Thank you for your reply.

I think if there are highlights a second time on the website , it is easy to find where I referred.

But you don’t have to take care of it.
I just want to make sure the behavior after using extension.

Hey @Loic_GENEAU. This is also an issue that I’m going to tackle in the next version.

Currently, I’m sending the highlights to the document that you checked and not the Inbox, which means that the settings in Dynalist are not considered.

Here is a sneak peek at the next version and how it’s going to handle that problem.

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