Dynalist Helper Memory Leak

Steps to reproduce

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  1. Start Dynalist for Desktop in Mac OS
  2. Let it keep running in the background
  3. Periodically check memory usage of the process “Dynalist Helper” by opening up Mac OS’s “Activity Monitor”

Expected result

The memory usage of the “Dynalist Helper” shouldn’t grow to exorbitant amounts.

Actual result

Periodically checking the memory usage reveals that this process keeps on using more and more memory the longer you keep the Dynalist Desktop app running.


  • OS: MacOS Sierra (version 10.12.6)
  • Dynalist Desktop version 1.0.2

Additional information

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Additional comments

Hi @Sabeer_Zaman,

Sorry to hear that! Unfortunately we don’t believe it’s a memory leak issue of the Dynalist app itself, as the app uses a reasonable amount of memory when running in browser (the browser version and the desktop version shares the same code).

It seems like it’s caused by Electron, the wrapper software that we use.

Please refer to this thread: Dynalist using a ridiculous amount of RAM (Windows Desktop App)

Again, so sorry about this!

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