Dynalist for iPad

I am using Dynalist on iPad with iPadOS 13.4.1 now, and there are a few things I cannot make it work.

  1. I have set some keyboard shortcuts in the desktop version which work fine, but the shortcuts that contain “option” key do not work anymore. I use the Apple Smart Keyboard.
  2. Whenever I try to edit an item, with the Smart Keyboard connected, the virtual keyboard will always pop up, which would be perfect if this can be prevented.
  3. It is not possible to drag an item to change its location like the way I can do in the desktop version. The whole page would just scroll together when I move the mouse.
  4. In the case that the keyboard and mouse are connected, is it possible to make everything work just as like the desktop version?

Also, the interface of Dynalist in the Chrome browser is similar to that in the iPad App. For example, the document panel is collapsed and it seems that it is not possible to keep it open. The interface in the Safari browser is just like the desktop version. I am a little curious about this difference.

Chrome, I guess, uses the mobile web view. Safari, since iOS 13, uses “desktop class browsing” which makes Dynalist much more useable.

There are still issues in Safari, however, and I hope these will be fixed soon. Using Dynalist in Safari on iPadOS 13+ is by far the best Dynalist experience on iOS…


The new iPad Pro with latest iOS breaks a few apps it seems. When I edit an item it brings up a very large white space and I can only see a few lines of the document…. Pretty basic testing guys !!

DynaList is not actively developed, but it is maintained. In this context it means, they are not actively testing every new device and operating system. But if there is a breaking problem that arises, they will likely address it. I suggest going to the Discord and reporting the problem.