Dynalist for Chromebook


I’m new to Dynalist and so far I’ve love it, the only thing I think it would be better than todoist (which was my previous app) is that if it can be available as a widowed app for Chromebooks, many other apps do this through Chrome Extensions, so we can access faster to the app once I start my day-work.


I can use the Android version of Dynalist on my Chromebook without any issue. Maybe you can try that first?

Where can I download that version? In the download section it’s for Windows, Mac and Linux, and there is an Android version in the Play Store but if I access that link through my Chromebook it says is for remote installation for my phone.


With a bunch of android apps written using outdated manifest files, an assumed hardware requirement prevents installation on Chromebooks.
This may have been the case with Dynalist, but I can confirm that as of right now, the play store happily installs the app onto my Pixelbook, so I suggest trying again.

However it has highlighted a different problem that I have only seen before on one other android app on the chromebook (although it’s common on my WearOS watch) - it won’t let me install Dynalink using my work G-Suite account because I haven’t set up a lockscreen (which I have, but of course lockscreens are a phone thing, not a chromebook thing).

So I’m going to have to switch my Dynalink to my personal email account to get Dynalink Android to actually start on my Chromebook. :frowning: