Dynalist extensions (plugins)

Dear Fellow Developers,

Once again, thank you so much for the API. This opens up so many possibilities, and I am still loving the CSS capabilities. However, I am really thinking about the future, and one thing that is clear to me, is that the ability to use customizations is going to be very useful from within the context of Dynalist itself (whether browser-based, mobile, desktop).

It would be interesting to start a discussion of what that might look like. I have some initial ideas.

Where would they be accessible?

  • I could see a toolbar that is appended to the extending small toolbar in the upper right corner with extensions after they are installed.
  • Available on the right mouse click (either at a node level in an outline or on a folder or file in the document browser)

Extension API??

  • It would be nice to get a reference to the currently selected node and document
  • Events - for example, document and folder additions, new nodes, modified nodes, deleted nodes

This is an initial braindump, I am curious if others would be interested in such things?



Very interesting idea.

This corresponds to what we internally refer to as Dynalist “plugins”. Basically, you write some simple JavaScript, and you have some simple interfaces to get and set things like selection and documents. You can also use the interface to add menu items or pre-defined UI elements like icons.

It’s a much bigger project than API though, and we haven’t really started thinking about the implementation seriously. We are curious how much people would be interested though.


:raised_hand: Here, I am very interested in the possibility of being able to add plugins of that sort to Dynalist.

@Fernando how would you use plugins? any suggestions how they should integrate into the UI?

I would love to use plugins to customize my experience. For example, first use case for me would be adding a Vim key map and additionals shortcuts so most actions may be performed from the keyboard. Another thing it would be cool to have is timers.



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Vim key map, PLEASE!


Very much interested also. Thanks Chris