Dynalist down?

Is there an outage right now? I can’t sync on my mobile app or access the site on Chrome.

Yes, our hosting provider is experiencing network issues. We’ve gotten in touch with them and they’re fixing it right now. It’s a network issue with two of their data centers and not just Dynalist.

Unfortunately, there are not much we can do right now. Waiting for their update. It seems like one of their data centers have recovered, so hopefully soon Dynalist will be back too.

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Dear Erica,
Thank you for your effort.
We were able to use Dynalist both on mobile app and Web now.

Are there still ongoing issues? I’m having trouble getting the Quick Dynalist app to sync, possibly the 3rd-party API’s are still recovering? It’s particularly having trouble pushing new writes, are those currently being throttled due to the outage?

The issues should be gone now. Are you still experiencing this as of now?

It seems that during the outage Quick Dynalist internal state somehow got corrupted, likely due to my attempts to force sync before I realized Dynalist itself was down. Reinstalling the app fixed the issue.

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Great to know everything is back to normal! :slight_smile: