Dynalist Companion Clipper fails on many websites

The bug seems to be that the extension will override whatever you ask to do, and copy highlighted text instead, if anything on the page is highlighted. Sometimes highlights are forced by the scripts of the website, so there’s no way around it.

It took me a while to figure out what these strange plain-text dates in my Dynalist were. They were failed link clippings.


Using Chrome, Go to your facebook feed, right click a post’s date (which is where the direct link to the post is), and click “Clip this link to Dynalist”. Notice that facebook’s javascript automatically highlights the link when you right click. Now check Dynalist - it is simply the date in plain text, no link. No warning that you’ve lost that post forever, thinking it’s in dynalist.

Works normally for me on a Windows machine. Can’t reproduce.

I can’t repro either. Got the full link just fine.

Is this recent? Have you installed any extensions recently? :confused:

Hmm. It’s always been this way. It still happens with incognito w/ only one 1 extension enabled, Dynalist companion Clipper

Chrome on Mac


Go to the facebook News feed (what shows up when you go to facebook.com) and find a post on the feed

Note the link auto-highlighted when right clicked. There’s no way to right click without it highlighting.


my inbox contains plain text of the link

However, other places, like a post opened full screen, work properly as the link doesnt auto-hightlight


So the auto-highlighting part is the browser behavior…? How weird.

Ya,chrome on mac, incognito mode, no extensions

Same happens using Safari

I just tried it on Windows and it doesn’t happen. Something weird about my mac?

Even happens here

Still have this problem, one of the links I have a trouble with: https://rogtecmagazine.com/establishment-of-a-joint-venture-between-weatherford-and-benz-a-part-of-runaсo-group/ Using Safari.

Could you post a more detailed bug report please? I’m not sure what are you trying to clip on that webpage, or are you trying to click this link on other pages. Thanks.