Dynalist as a Chrome extension?

I’d like to have a Dynalist icon up in my Chrome extensions, so it’s quickly accessible along with my other high-use extensions.

This doesn’t mean I need a Dynalist specialized extension … I just can’t figure out how to get a webpage icon up in the extension list instead of bookmarks (which I don’t use and hence hide).

Anybody happen to know how to do that?


I think we probably need to release ourselves on the Chrome Web Store.

Have you installed similar extensions that allows you to open a website? If you can show us one we’ll have a much better idea of how to do it :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I’ve never been able to figure out how to do it, with other websites. But now that I used Dynalist so much, it demands space up with the other extensions.

Demand received!

We’ll do some research and let you know.

Basically you want an icon on the right side of the address bar that opens Dynalist in a new tab when clicked?

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Yup, just that.

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I’ll make one later today. You’ll just have to load it by dragging the unzipped file over the extensions page, though.


Hmm. This is unfortunately harder than I thought. It requires two clicks (click on the extension, move your cursor down, then click again). Is that ok? Also, right-clicking it and clicking the first button will work as well.

Maybe we’ll try posting some thing on Chrome Web Store. Extensions that just act like links should be trivial to implement I think.

Also @Kamal_Patel why not a pinned tab? Just curious.

Probably to generate new pages and open multiple documents, that aren’t always needed.

Ok, sounds good. I made some progress but couldn’t find out how to make the popup window. Turns out that they made it harder.

Yup, that’s it.

By the way, @Kamal_Patel, since years I only use a Bookmarks Bar with just the favicon of the website; no name.

Lots of space, visually pleasing, clearly identifiable, and definitely less resources than an extension.

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The issue for me is that I have a bunch of extensions, but only one bookmark (Dynalist!).

If there was a way to move the bookmarks bar to dock next to the extension bar, that would be cool.

What about the Chrome home screen? Do you use that at all?

Other solutions include:

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I’ve used this with WorkFlowy, Google Calendar and Dynalist. It’s not a bookmark, but a keyboard shortcut that goes to any existing DL tab or creates a new one if none exist.

Setup up the shortcut to: “https://dynalist.io

No, I don’t use the home screen. But I think @ruud’s or @snow_carver’s shortcuts might work, so I’ll try those out.


It’s quite barebones and the code is sloppy (but not harmful) and the browser will annoy you about it everytime it starts, asking to disable it (quite appealing, isn’t it?), but it’s finally here:

Open Dynalist.zip

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One note about the 4 Smart Shortcuts Chrome extension above.

I use DL in a single tab, and set a single shortcut to “https://dynalist.io”.

But if you have multiple documents open, in multiple tabs, you can set keyboard shortcuts for 4 documents, and each will go to that document or create a new tab if it isn’t already open.

In this case you create the shortcut to the each document url =



I have updated the extension. It shouldn’t have any of the flaws that I’ve mentioned before, other than simply having to set it up at chrome://extensions, where you need to unzip it, enable developer mode, then load it after locating the folder.

Open Dynalist.zip

The main benefit of using this is that it doesn’t have any invasive permissions, and the code is free for you to inspect. Let me know if I should make any other changes to it!