Dynalist app no longer syncs on Android 6


Steps to reproduce

Clean install of Dynalist app (1.3.3) on Android 6.0 device. Log in to Dynalist Pro account. Confirm device has normal internet connectivity.

Expected result

Normal app functionality; Dynalist has been working - with the same app and Android versions - until a few days ago.

Actual result

Dynalist logs in, but sits for ever on spinner when trying to open a document.

If I close and re-open Dynalist, the document list is shown and reflects changes made on other devices, but the documents themselves still cannot be opened (again sits indefinitely on spinner).

If I create a new document on the problem device, the document appears on other devices, but with no content.


Mobile app from Play Store
Hardware: Lenovo TAB3
Android version: 6.0
Dynalist app version: 1.3.3

Additional information

This was working until a few days ago - I haven’t made any changes do the device; as far as I know it’s been running the same Android and Dynalist versions throughout.

On Friday I noticed changes made within documents on other devices had stopped syncing to the tablet; I’d been using it extensively the fortnight before with no problem. I’ve tried logging out and in, clearing the app cache, then re-installing entirely; same result in all cases.

It does log in to my account correctly; the issue appears to be with syncing document content in either direction. I don’t have any issue on any other devices (desktop, web, more recent Android).

The Dynalist web application (i.e. opened in Chrome on the same Android 6.0 device) works fine - only the actual Dynalist Android app has problems.


Sorry for the late reply, team got taken down by the flu :frowning:

So do you edit on the Android app, or do you only view the data on the Android app?