Dynalist Android app

Moved from Trello; you can vote for this feature and see past discussion at https://trello.com/c/GS7dUoiq/51-android-app.

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Seems like mobile experience is a common problem for web-based productivity tools…

If you guys have any comment on what we should get right and what mistake we should avoid, we’re happy to hear about them!

I’ll put some common feedback that we’ve heard below:

  • View only mode, so that accidentally tapping somewhere doesn’t bring up the keyboard (you can still zoom in and collapse/expand)
  • Drag and drop to move items
  • Make sure it’s not eating battery when not used
  • Most actions you can do on desktop, e.g. rename file, reorder file, bookmark search, etc.
  • Search everywhere, normally triggered by Ctrl+Enter when searching

I would also add a way to upload files, even if it’s not on a specific document and for something to keep track what is uploaded and the links to them.

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I’m surprised at now well the Dynalist web page works on my Android. Of course, there is lots of room for improvements but it’s so close… Have you guys heard of “Progressive Web Apps”? By adding a (hopefully) simple Service Worker it’ll fix my #1 Android web issue, which is quick launch (and working offline). Just doing that would be a bit step forward (and not require the app at all!


Thanks sir!

Just looked up Service Worker, looks promising. We just began our process of building the mobile app, we’ll see what Service Worker can do for it :slight_smile: !

Global search (Ctrl+O) is one of the best tools on the online app; I hope you can implement some type of similar search in Android.

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Sorry…meant Ctrl+Enter…

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Some stuff that might require much more effort than will be of use to most users on older version of Android:

  • Multiwindow Support
  • Two apps, so that way I can use them side by side.
  • App shortcuts, to open documents, etc (basically 3D touch).

The second Dynalist could be restricted to Devices that run Android 7.0, so that way other users won’t get confused.

Yeah definitley. Right now there’s no way to do that on mobile at all. Added to the list above!

@Erica @Shida Please add me to the android beta. I’d like to help with feedback.

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Done! You’ll get an email from us when it’s ready.

Hi @Erica, I’d also be interested to test the beta once it’s available.

Hi @Erica - I am super keen to help refine the Android beta too.

Devices available for daily testing:
Sony Xperia Z5 Compact (E5823) - Android 6.0.1
HTC Nexus 9 - Android 7.1.1

Hi there, would love to beta test the app once ready. I’ve just made the dive from WorkFlowy and it’s great so far, but a dedicated app would just be amazing. I’m using a Nexus 6P w/ latest beta of Android.

Also, I really like how Todoist handles capturing with their quick-add functionality. On Android it can be a button in the notification shade. I would love to see Dynalist implement something like this and send it to an Inbox of sorts or maybe even categorise it directly like Todoist does with the # shortcut (although that wouldn’t work with current Dynalist conventions).


@Erica #inviterequests

Emailed you. Thanks for the interest!

Sometimes when I open the app and have a document open, it says that no document is open. To remedy that, I switch to another document and then back to the intended one.

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Hi, I’d also love to Beta test the app if possible.

I use Workflowy, and want to move over before rebuying my Pro-Account, but I really need the app, so I’d like to try it out :slight_smile:


@Erica #inviterequests

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