Dynalist and Marginnote - a perfect match

I’d like to recommend Marginnote - a pdf annotater and reader, I’ve recently discovered after a recommendation on Mac Power Users.

Marginnote allows you to import PDFs and enter highlights and annotations. Crucially, it organises the annotations and highlights into its own outliner / mindmapper. Now I’ve started using it i realise I could have done something similar with Keyboard maestro and ithoughtsX, but this is much more elegant.

Even better, it provides links to the highlights / annotations. So you can copy the URL into dynalist, and you now have a link to a specific part of a pdf. It is seamless and works brilliantly, even on ios (although on ios links from dynalist app to other apps doesn’t work properly yet - see my bug report)

I’ve bought the iOS version and OS version, (there are free trials), the latter with a discount from imore. Over the past couple of weeks it has markedly improved my reading of pdfs for work.


Oh and should have mentioned, you can export the outline as opml and import into dynalist. The outliner in margninnote is fine but rudimentary. There is no way you’d want to use this instead of dynalist

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So if I were to click on this link in Dynalist, it would open the PDF in the appropriate program at the designated section?

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Yes, it opens the marginnote app, the pdf referred to, and at exactly the point you highlighted to make the link


Looks awesome! Is there a similar solution for windows too? :blush:

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