Dyna key takeaways/lessons from vt's fcc post - 1. search reveals all relevant context 2. color usage


the main takeaway was this:

1. a basically bettter search

Onenote takes far too long to navigate around info

Searching in onenote doesn’t give many contextual clues (whole search area is only a small win at topright.)

or basically 1. search reveals all relevant context

but this is only understood if you actually used onenote, as none of this is actually shown or explained

this soemthing i never knew, nobody ever said it

2. color usage in info design

the other was the color usage of the ‘titles/headings’ - that appears to be far better than the ‘highlighting’ that is in dyna

tho this is a topic of ‘info design’ & web desing & related & ill have to look into whats actually the most effective / best when it coems to:

  • clarity of the visual design of info

ill likely have to look back at that post again tho (may have missed a few important things, not sure)

i’d be better if there was just one clearcut summary tho


Did you see my PM (the forum PM, there should be a green badge on the top right corner)? Please reply, thanks.

That is underselling it. When you Ctrl-E in OneNote and type some text, yes the upper right shows you only the pages it found, but you can scroll through those and each page will be displayed asthe context.