Dropbox Paper Embed Integration

Would there be a way to embed a (perhaps only static, if it’s limited to that) Dynalist in a Dropbox document?

  • I would use this feature.
  • Sounds like a waste of precious development time.
  • Something else (respond below)

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Not relevant to the feature but do you mind if I move it to polls? Since it’s more of a poll than a feature request in my opinion.

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I’ve moved it there. Thank you for letting me know about.

Personally speaking, I think the two would go great together.

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Personally I think it would be better to have an API and allow others to develop an app for dropbox specifically rather than the devs (of which are quite limited and stretched thin already) trying to focus on one specific use case.


nobody really uses paper (i did for some time in the past, unsure about the future)