Draw / Doodle in app

The purpose of this is for the note takers of Dynalist. Drawing pictures or doodles to accompany what you are trying to memorize is a promising way to achieve your goal. Being able to do a simple version of this within Dynalist could be very helpful.

I am aware that Dynalist supports images, but you can imagine drawing outside of the app, uploading it, linking it, etc can be more work than you expect. Evernote is a competitor that supports this.


Hmm. Is that really useful? Maybe it’d be great for you I’ll just give my personal experience with such things. I envision a hotkey that brings up a white box that you crudely crayon-drawing on with your finger or a terrible ms-paint jittery stylus written sentence. Then I envision never using it ever again.

I am very picky about sketch - there’s a very specific pen setting in OneNote and a very specific brush in Abobe Sketch that I accept. Lenovo Thinkpad active wacom digitizer or iPad Pro are the only acceptable screens. Microsoft Surface 2-4 are trash. Samsung Note is trash. Evernote is trash. Google Keep is trash. There are so many antialiasing and bezier smoothing and PhD dissertation paper algorithms that go into quality sketch.

I’m just rambling that if doodle was added, I would still copy and paste images. I have one hotkey to bring up the cursor, then I click-drag the selection rectangle, and the image appears in my dynalist inbox (the hotkey triggers an alfred script that uploads to imgur and puts the url in markdown to the API)

I get it, Evernote is the elephant that does it all, but unfortunately we’re not going to be the swiss knife app that does everything. I personally don’t even consider Evernote to be a competitor (apps like WorkFlowy, Moo.do, Outlinely, OmniOutliner are competitors). We’ll focus on the outliner use cases for now.

Thanks for the suggestion!

I was really envisioning this for mobile apps. I can’t imagine trying to draw with a mouse.

I’m sorry if I’m interpreting your response wrong, but I used the word competitor not to be passive aggressive but to just provide a reference to a working model to another service I found similar in purpose personally. Sorry if that came off wrong, it wasn’t my intention.

aw don’t be apologetic you didn’t come across any type of way

i think when you talk about computer stuff you gotta be brutally frank because thats how computer stuff is, its all a 0 or 1 no room for any maybe, there are a lot of computer people at my work so I get used to how super friendly they are in person but could be accidentally read as brutal in text

but even tho computer people like me talk that way i generally enjoy the stimulating thoughts and challenge of articulating so you kind of have to imagine a jovial person with their coffee bapping at their keyboard in a cafe patio with a bird chirping if you’re gonna read feelings into text. if someone was actually annoyed by something boy howdy theyd tear u a new one and ud know it.

theres probably a better essay somewhere on the dichotomy of frank blunt communication of happy silly people in computer work but i felt like rambling

No need to be sorry, I just wanted to express that we don’t intend to compete with Evernote with our limited resources.

I guess you can use a draw app and attach the result in Dynalist? There might be workarounds like that, but we don’t plan to support it natively, unfortunately.

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The ideal would be a sketching/drawing/whiteboard web app that automatically generates an image of your drawing, which could be inserted into Dynalist and always reflects the current state of your sketch.

Unfortunately I have not come accross an app with that functionality yet.

Just to put my 5 cents in. Currently there are a lot of core functionality that is missing. And some of these “must-haves” is actually not very hard to implement. But since Dynalist team is small - they have to prioritize.

So while I wanted to have a doodle ability couple of times too, it never seemed something that is part of a list of mandatory things to have ASAP.

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