Drag & Drop under another item is way too far to the right

When i drag item and i want to drop it so it will be under another bullet i need to drag it too far to the right. Correct length of dragging it to the right would be the same length as identation depth. So it will feel like i’m dragging item where it belongs to. Now, instead i need to drag it further right.

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We initially considered this when deciding the threshold. What you suggested is actually the first solution that comes to mind, as I agree it’s pretty natural.

However, we then realized that it’s a pretty common use case to reorder things on the same level, so we want to leave more space for this action. Otherwise for people who simply wants to reorder sibling items, he/she needs to consciously avoid a big chunk of the screen.

It’s really up to one’s use case – it sounds like you drag things under other things more often than you reorder items on the same level.

If anyone else is having this issue, please like OP’s post or leave a comment. @Alexander1 we can also start a poll in the Poll category if my argument doesn’t sound convincing to you.

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I agree that the threshold needs to be wider than the OP describes, but I also feel that it is currently too wide for comfort. I’d like it to be about 35% narrower, but even 20% would help. Dragging with a touchpad is always precarios. For me, moving up and down isn’t much problem, but the farther I drag to the left or right the more likely I am to accidentally drop.

I will adjust this to make it slightly easier in the next release.