Drag & drop move between 2 different chrome windows

i would like this feature

Basically, drag and drop between 2 sets of opened dynalist notes

you can see in the gif it doesn’t work across multiple tabs in chrome


I commented today in another thread where Erica mentioned the Ctrl-Drag option.
That was about working with templates. And first of all being able to drag (copy) between documents, as we can’t do that today. (In that case, to be able to insert template snippets).

My most “basic” request - be it in order to move between windows (as in this post) or just between documents in the same window is that a traditional copy-paste function is introduced.
Yes, preferably working between windows.

I realize it is mixing topics a little, as I am talking about copy and this post is about move. But a basic cut/copy-paste would provide the bare-bone support for this.
Drag-drop etc. would of course be nice, too.

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Hi all. Just thought I’d reactivate this thread and see where things stand. The way I work, I tend to throw out a lot of things into my “inbox,” then sort them later. I have a long list, and I like to have two windows open and move from my accumulated thoughts “Inbox” area (where thoughts often have multiple nested “children”) into the categories where they need to live long-term. Drag and drop from one window to another (or even just panes within a window) would be fantastic!

Split view (a proposed new feature) would solve this mostly I think. For me, I tend to use Cut / Paste to achieve the goal here.

Thanks for the tip. I noodled around a little bit. If I am getting it right, there would be drag / drop between documents. I’m actually looking to have multiple instances of the same document open and drag / drop between them. I do use copy / past for that right now, but it gets fiddly going back and forth between the scroll wheel (the way I “surf” through the items in a long list) and the keyboard (the most efficient way I know to copy / past a parent and set of nested items). Being able to just grab the parent item and drag it across into the other window and drop it where I have scrolled to would be super efficient.