Drag & drop between two side-by-side views of your DynaList

Before filing a feature request, I was curious whether anyone has figured out a simple way to drag and drop items between two side-by-side insantiations of DynaList.

I’ve tried two side-by-side Chrome browser windows, with DynaList opened in each. But it’s not possible to drag from one to the other.

I’ve tried hacking in dual-frame side-by-side views within a single browser window, but no luck there either.

The only approximate solution I’ve found is to memorize and use tags. For example, look through your inbox and tag everything having to do with music. Then click the music tag. You will see music related items in your Inbox list. And you will see music items where they are already organized. And it’s pretty easy to drag and drop ‘from above’ and then ‘to below’

While effective, the last option requires remember a bunch of tags, toggling between search, zooming in and out, etc. I’d love to explore a flat list on one side, and drag them into a hierarchy on the other panel.

Any suggestions I should test out? (Pro users, so can use CSS or other tricks).

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I can see this would be difficult, but the Move dialogue works wonderfully in Dynalist and should make it easy to transfer items from one place to another.

Don’t think so. This will be one of the main use cases of split screen feature.