Down arrow in note skips last line


When using in a note to move the cursor to the next line, the last line is skipped. In other words, when in the second-last line, hitting moves the cursor to the next item.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create the following document:

    Hi. I’m the Document Title X
    Foo. I am line 1 of the note. Y
    Baz. I am line 2 of the note. Z

    * I am an item. W
    * I am another item.
  2. Place cursor at X

  3. Hit Shift-Enter to enter note. (Cursor is now at Z.)

  4. Hit Up. (Cursor is now at Y.)

  5. Hit Down.

Expected result

Cursor is at Z.

Actual result

Cursor is at W.


Web app on OS X


I can confirm this. Basically it cuts off at n-1, with n being the number of lines in the note.

Edit: Also for Chrome on Windows. Thanks @IbrahimQasim


Can confirm for Chrome on Windows. Good spot! :slight_smile:


@JP1 Thanks for pinning it down! Updated the topic title and text.

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