Double-Click to Edit

It’s difficult to read when I’m keyboarding through my items and the active item (the one I’m trying to read) gets stripped of its formatting and reveals its bare, raw Markdown code instead, often causing the item to grow long enough to span more lines and makes my whole list jumpy. I’d much rather arrow-key around my items and — if I want to edit — press [Return] or just double-click to then reveal the Markdown and edit. [Tab] and / or [Esc] could then accept my changes.

Does this make sense? Am I crazy for wanting this?



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Alternatively, a keyboard shortcut that switches the entire app between “read-only” and “edit” modes would be fine, too. “Read-only” would still let me click on an item and do things to it with the keyboard shortcuts, but its text would be locked down with its Markdown rendered. “Edit” mode would then let me edit the contents and Markdown.


What Aaron describes is exactly the feature Mobile needs as well for a number of reasons, only it needs to be a button at the top, not just a keyboard shortcut.


Agreed, should have the option to double click to edit instead of automatically showing markdown. This is my biggest annoyance with Dynalist!


Bumping this up, because it is something that would make my Dynalist life much easier.

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“2 YEARS LATER” — this is oddly one of the reasons for which I’ve stopped using Dynalist. An app like this needs to be polished down to the tiniest details, and this is one very rough edge from my standpoint.


The WYSIWYG feature might solve your problem. It’s comming but it will still take some time.

Here is the Roadmap item: