Doing serious writing in Dynalist

If anyone is interested in doing serious writing in Dynalist (e.g. writing a thesis like I did), you might find my blog post from a while back interesting. It is actually written about workflowy (which I was using there) but everything can be adapted to Dynalist of course:

Ps. It involves writing in Latex format.



Thanks @Stephen_Dewitt!

I was actually inspired by your post and wrote a Latex document in Dynalist over the past couple of weeks.

For those who want to try it, here is a useful bookmarklet:

javascript:function func(w){;doc=d.app_document.get_document();ui=d.userspace.ui;ui.export_document(doc);}func(window);

It opens up the document export window with one click. Switching to plain text there, allowed me to quickly go back and forth between Dynalist and Sharelatex copying data.

@Erica, I saw you mentioned front-end updates in the latest blog post. Do you have any plans for having semi-stable/semi-documented frontend API for bookmarklets (or Chrome extensions)?

Having a DYNALIST object under window helps, but having some docs on the design would’ve saved me a couple of hours for writing that bookmarklet trying to figure out how Dynalist works :slight_smile:


Hi max, thanks for your reply and thanks for the bookmarklet, sounds really useful!

  • can you update this? can you make this significantly more concise?

like 25% of the stuff, it’s too wordy

please let me know within the year so im able to read it, thanks

Hmmm, really tough choice you’re giving me here. Shall I spend my time significantly altering the article so that one rude person can be bothered to read it? Such a difficult decision!

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Ah I just saw this. Sorry for the bad experience, but that aside I really like your sense of humor! :slight_smile:

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