Doesn't work on Chrome or Firefox

Dynalist isn’t displaying properly on either Chrome or Firefox. In Internet Explorer it looks the way I understand it should look. On Chrome or Firefox, the pane on the left hand side has to be expanded, some icons are missing, there are no Import/Export options etc. I’ve turned off ScriptDefender in Chrome and NoScript in Firefox, which should mean that scripts can run. Can anyone suggest what I need to configure on Firefox and Chrome to make this work, please? What I’m seeing is this:

It’s in mobile view, how big is your browser window?

Oh, I see, thank you. The browser windows were 100% in both Chrome and Firefox, but if I drop them down to 90% then I see the other view.

Yeah, that must be the reason. When the window is too small, the desktop view can’t display properly, thus the mobile view.

Thanks @Piotr!