Doesn't work in Internet explorer 11 on a work environment

Steps to reproduce

I cannot use any other browsers except Internet Explorer on my work.
So I open and input my credentials.

Expected result

I expect to see my list of notes :slight_smile:

Actual result

After login to I haven’t seen anything on the screen.
In the developer console I’ve found 15 errors with code CSS3114 for all fonts:

@font-face failed OpenType embedding permission check. Permission must be Installable.”
The font-face does not have permissions to install with the current webpage.
Obtain the correct permission or licenses for embedding the font.


Windows 10, Internet explorer 11.2515.14393.0

Additional information

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Additional comments

Internet Explorer is obsolete. It doesn’t have the features every modern interactive webpage expects. Are you certain they won’t allow Microsoft Edge which should have been included in Windows 10?

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Hi, Alan.
Thanks for your message.
Microsoft Edge is not installed on my work laptop, I have only IE.

Maybe it might be worth it if you just install another browser like Firefox. I think that will solve your problem :slight_smile:

Hi, Philipp!
Great solution but I would not raise that issue if I could do it :slight_smile:
I cannot install any app according to information security policy. Installation is forbidden.

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Our app is not compatible with any Internet Explorer versions.

Which is super inconvenient, but it is compatible with Microsoft Edge.
For now we’ll just try to have an error message display rather than crashing.

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