Documents not showing up in Move Item

When searching for a document to move an item, the document title does not appear. Sometimes the first items that appear in results are completed items that have very long titles. Either there is something generally wrong with the algorithm or there needs to be a workaround for individual to refresh their database.

Did you happen to have just reloaded the app? When you do that, your documents will load slowly in the background. Might take a few until they all start showing up in search.

I’m finding this issue in apps that I’ve had loaded for hours, but it seems to be resolved now. Strangely some documents appear as “completed”. Would it be possible for the code to bring matching documents to the top of the list? I often get top matching items where the search words are not contiguous and spread across a long completed item.

If your search term has a contiguous match it should show up first. Partial/fuzzy matches gets a big penalty from the number of cuts.

Would you have an example of a match where a better match is ranked after a poor discontinuous one? If you can show me examples I can go in and check why the ranking algorithm is working properly.

You can see here how it shows first entries with individual letters scattered before one where it is contiguous. This page has been open for about eight hours.

Thank you! I found the bug and you can expect a new version in a few days which would rank it properly.

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I look forward to having this fixed, thanks Shida.


Will be deployed by end of day today, sorry!

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Should be out. Let me know if that helped!

There hasn’t been any improvement yet. One document title doesn’t even show up when it is correctly entered. Is there a way of checking version number for Dynalist.

Are you using the desktop app or on the web? We’ve just made a deployment to the web yesterday.

Web. The document title does eventually who up, but only after entries where individual letters are scattered across the item.

Huh I would have expected it fixed, I’m so sorry!
Can you share another screenshot, or is it the exact same test case as before?

Oh nvm, I saw your new post. Will reply there.