Documents created offline lost when I synced Dynalist online

Hi - I created a couple of documents when I was offline.
Once I had an Internet connection I synced them, and it looked like everything was synced.
I then restarted my computer to connect to my docking station, and the document contents were missing (though the titles remained).
Is there anyway I can retrieve these documents?
Thanks in advance.

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I think this may have happened to me as well, can’t figure out why… Dynalist showed it was synced but clearly it was not.

Meanwhile the Dynalist (Pro) backups of my un-synchronized (old list version) list were still being backed up to Google Drive. Tried restoring OPML import but my current-version data was not in the list!

Can you help? Best I can tell, Sync seemed to stop working sometime last week :frowning:

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