Document should have priority on the 'move item' search pop-up


The document should be on the first priority instead of some other random paths that I haven’t used for a long time.

I don’t know the whole logic of this pop-up priority.

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Perhaps that would better.

Currently the logic is:

  1. stuff in current document
  2. stuff in other documents

Using multiple documents causes all sorts of problems. I just keep everything in 1 document. All the level 1 items are what others would normally title other documents. I can’t remember all the advantages off the top of my head, but it works a lot better.

I think the main advantage of splitting is performance. One huge file can get slow, but if you split off a smaller file it will be fast.

Also, but this is minor, remembering the spot in each document is nice.

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I don’t know the whole logic

I also do not know this, but I know that dynalist has much much better overall search than a whole lot of things, so that is goooooddd =)