Do you avoid using colons? If so, how?

Sometimes I’ll write something that implies a list is ahead, rather than it just being a simple topic that is broken down below, so I’ll append a colon at the end. But for some reason it feels strange and unnecessary, as just about everything in Dynalist is a list and bullets that are collapsed are enveloped with a circle.

Do you avoid using colons or do you have a way to replace them?

  • I use colons generously yet graciously
  • They bug me, but I haven’t found anything better
  • The one I was born with is enough

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The rare times I’m writing in prose and need a list I’ll use a colon. However in the majority of my lists, everything is just a bullet list anyways so generally I have no need for a colon as they are never full and complete sentences.

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I often have a very specific, complex idea of which bullets should and shouldn’t be expanded when I’m viewing my notes, so I do find use for colon-like characters.

Protip: On Macs, » is just as easy to type as : but sticks out more.


In some cases I incorporate my Evernote use case of → (ALT + NUMPAD 26) to indicate there is more ahead than the first line.

Drawback is that when you export this type of thing you may get a [] (square) character where the Unicode arrow is.

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That’s very useful. Thank you!