Do not clear search when clicking on breadcrumb

I would like to make full use of searching for a tag by clicking on it. (I have a lot of tags, so using the tag pane isn’t really useful.)

However, I usually work in a zoomed-in view, and when I click on a tag, I usually want to see search results from a more zoomed-out level (but not everywhere). My usual use case: I’m zoomed in on my notes for a particular day, see an item tagged by a particular project, and want to see all notes about that project from that month. (If I zoom out before I click the tag, it’s a hassle to find the tagged item again.)

My suggestion: When there’s an active search, and the user clicks one one of the breadcrumbs, don’t clear the current search. This would allow me to click on the tag, click on the breadcrumb, and get the results I need.

It seems like previously Dynalist never cleared the search, even when zooming in (discussion, more discussion). I think clearing the search when zooming in is correct — I definitely see the use of searching for a term, then zooming in on one of the search results to keep working there. But I think when zooming out, the use case for keeping the search is much stronger than the use case for clearing it.

(This is one of my two major annoyances with Dynalist. FWIW, I’m on mobile more often than on the web interface, so I need it even more on mobile.)

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