Do not check off an checklist item when it's checked via parent

When a parent checkbox gets checked off, all its children will receive a greying out effect, like shown in the screenshot below. Task 2 and 3 themselves are not checked off, whereas Task 1 is.


The strikethrough effect is currently the only difference between these two cases. The checkbox is checked for Task 2 and 3 as well, making them inconvenient to check off again. It might also give the wrong impression that they are themselves checked off. @Stephen_Dewitt requested to have the checkbox not checked when only the parent is checked.

In other words (pictures), after this gets implemented, the above scenario will look like this:



If you implement that, please make sure that checking / unchecking a selected group or whole document is also corrected ie it checks each item individually.

It would also increase functionality if you a) don’t strike through or gray out the item’s text (superfluous) and b) add an additional document option to display either all boxes, only unchecked or ONLY CHECKED (the missing option). Why ? Because you can create use scenarios where your list is a master list eg think shopping list. Before you go you can check the items from the master list that you want to buy. When you are shopping you can display only the CHECKED items. When you toggle a checked item having bought/acted on it, it disappears from the list so reducing the remaining items to be acted on. I can think of many situations where you would want to start with a master list. The checking / unchecking could be done the other way but it’s counter intuitive, and the ticked text would be struck out and grayed. I might have to ask you how to counter that with CSS.

I’ve just discovered Dynalist having been using Cloud Outliner. Your CSS customisation is awesome as is the whole program and apps. Absolutely Fabulous ! Thank you !

Hi Ken, fellow user here.

You can use Dynalist’s search and filter to see only checked items. If you search for is:completed Dynalist will show you only checked items. You can then save the search as a bookmark or as a link right in your document.

You can also modify the CSS to remove the strikethrough and grey from checked items if you don’t like it.

Hope this is helpful! Welcome to Dynalist! :smiley:


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Hi Craig. Honored to meet you and thank you for the welcome. That’s useful to know. Unfortunately the search can’t be saved in the document because this sort of search doesn’t work in an “internal link”. It’s also a shame that the results aren’t clickable and there’s also this funny business with how checking / unchecking a parent creates separate states to checking the child. I think I’ll wait until the new checking is implemented before I continue this application of Dynalist which will be most useful on my mobile. I’m hoping I can get it to work much like Cloud Outliner which has got this particular feature nailed.

I’m reading many of your other posts on here - you’re providing a wealth of information. Compulsive reading, thank you so much !


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This should be fixed in the latest versions (please refresh/reload the app to update), could you please confirm when you have time? Thanks in advance!