Do keyboard shortcuts work on the iPad version?

Have keyboard shortcuts been implemented on the iPad version (i.e., with an attached keyboard)? I’m using a Logitech slim keyboard on my iPad and, while the indent and outdent shortcuts (tab and shift+tab) work, the other shortcuts (e.g., anything involving the command key) don’t.


They should, except for a few ones involving Up/Down keys, which will be fixed in the next app update.

Could you give me an example of a shortcut with Cmd that doesn’t work? That way we can test and confirm it. I heard Cmd+Shift+M to move works at least.

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@Alan2 welcome to the community! Almost all of the shortcuts work for me on iPad OS using an Apple keyboard. The only one that’s tricky is expand (CMD+.) which doesn’t work (and is discussed elsewhere in this forum).

What OS are you using? Are you able to test with other keyboards?

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