Display monospace font while typing in code blocks

This is half a WYSIWYG suggestion, but when you are typing in a code block, either inline with single or a proper block with the tripple ```, it currently has all of the formatting stripped away while you are typing (normal markdown) and then shows when you unselect that bullet. I understand you may not be able to properly format the code on the fly while you are still typing (with all of the colors and such) but would it be possible for it to swap to show the monospace font while you are still typing?

This came up while working on a project I am keeping track of in dynalist. I wanted to just brainstorm/pseudocode the function I was about to write so I created a code block to write in. Not being able to see the spacing of the letters while you type makes it hard to space things for readability.
Just having the font swap alone would be enough but actually implementing it as a sort of half wysiwyg half markdown interface where the formatted code block appears between the ``` marks would be ideal.