Disable strikethrough for checklists


I’m a newcomer to Dynalist. I’m liking it quite a lot. However, I find the fact that checked checklist items get greyed out and strikethroughed (struckthrough?) a bit excessive and rather irritating. There seems to be little point in having two forms of ‘completed’ if they behave essentially the same. In other words, list items should be either strikethrough or checkbox style, not both. And it’s really unneccessary to grey out either of them. I also think that it would be a lot less messy if checkboxes replaced the bullets in that list style rather than having both.

  • Yes, I agree with this.
  • No, I like it as is.
  • Something else (please comment below)

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Added a poll to it. @Leonardo_Muzkiz_Ramo, you can now add your vote.

I voted to leave it. The reason being is that you can complete non-checkbox items. When you complete them there is no check mark to show it’s “completed”. I don’t want to go back and have to turn checkboxes on just to see if it’s completed or not. So the grey and strikethrough accomplishes that.

If we’re going to have grey and strike through there, then it should be elsewhere for completed items as well, such as check boxes, for consistency. That way all completed items look the same if they have a check box or not.

Finally regarding the strike through and grey…
Strikethrough is what most would expect for a completed item. However the grey adds a quick distinction as well. This is particularly helpful for date-only lists in which strike through does not appear in the label. See screen shot.


Thanks for adding a poll to this, but I feel it may be a bit confusing as there are really three separate issues at stake here:

  1. That having both checkbox and strikethrough visual cues (at the same time) is unneccessary. It should be possible to choose either for any outline level.

  2. That a third visual cue (greying out) is unneccessary in conjunction with either of the other two.

  3. That bullet points are unneccessary when the checkbox style is used

Perhaps the poll should be just for point one as people may disagree on the other things …


Here is a Stylish (Chrome extension) code that you can use to (1) remove the bullet from the checklist items (note that to expand a checklist item, you’d need to use keyboard shortcuts) and (2) to remove strikethrough from a completed checklist item:

.Node.is-checklist.is-checked .Node-content {
text-decoration: none !important;
.Node.is-checklist .Node-self .Node-bullet {
display: none !important;

Right now the items that are checked themselves receive both the strike-through and the grey-out, whereas the items that are checked because their parents are checked only receive the grey-out. Not sure if you’ve considered this difference.

We’d love to do that as well, but the bullet can be dragged and dropped while the checkbox can’t, so they’re not equivalent, technically.

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