Disable smooth scrolling

How to disable smooth scrolling?
When will this feature be added if it’s not there?

You’re talking about a setting in your browser itself, correct?

The setting in Chrome is at

@Afirium does @BigChungus’s answer help?

@BigChungus @Erica
How can I disable smooth scrolling in the desktop version of dynalist instead of through the web browser?

  • OS: Arch Linux x86_64
  • Kernel: 6.0.9-arch1-1
  • WM: sway
  • dynalist-desktop 1.0.6-2

I don’t know. You cannot navigate to chrome://flags/#smooth-scrolling in electron apps like Dynalist. Customizations like that are only available in browsers. Perhaps Arch Linux has it’s own system level smooth scrolling setting.

@BigChungus I found out how to do it. The following seems to work OK.
Thanks for sharing your tips.

dynalist --disable-smooth-scrolling

Very nice. Good thinking.

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