Disable search on a document

I would like to be able to mark a document not to be included in the global search. The reason is I do a lot of research into Dynalist and after a while the document I keep as a reference, but don’t want it really showing up in my day to day work.

There are other scenarios I have found as well, where I would rather something doesn’t show up in search.


Thanks for the feature request! I can understand why that might be useful to you.

It sounds like it’s related to this feature request: Option to exclude document from global search (Not necessarily a dupe)

If it’s possible, we like to make it explicit that you’re excluding a document, so that you don’t panic or confused when you forget that you’ve excluded a document (sounds funny but it will happen). So the search results would indicate somewhere that X number of results are excludes and are viewable if requested.

To anyone reading this: please like or comment if you’re interested in this too! That’s the only way we can know if more users are interested in this :slight_smile: