Disable Google Calendar sync if time stamp is current time

I really like using the ! time stamp function in dynalist and syncing it with google calendar

however there’s an issue

  1. I want to time stamp pomodoros finished at the current time I am at (phraseexpress hotkey “e#” to get !(4/17/2017 09:30)).
  2. I want to assign future deadlines / important events (business meetings) straight from dynalist

The problem with syncing with google chrome calendar is that with the former, I tend to get ~4 to 16 pomodoros finished throughout the day, and each of those pollute my google calendar

Then the latter (assigning future deadlines) gets polluted and mixed in with timestamped pomodoros

Could we have a setting to disable Google Calendar sync if the timestamp is within 1 hour of the current time?

This would eliminate a lot of spam going into my google calendar, yet still have the ability to assign times

Alternatively, I could just not use the ! operator for pomodoros, but I find the format to be really easy to read and differentiate

For reference I have a google calendar dubbed “Dynalist”. I still have a “personal” seperate calendar, and all of this integrates on my homepage in my android google calendar widget. This is how I automate all my time specific agendas / events (like someones wedding)

TL;DR feature request, disable google calendar sync if the timestamp made with “!” operator is within 1 hour of the current time, thereby eliminating pomodoro date stamp spam so I can reserve “!” operator for future deadlines / events

This would make the feature inconsistent though. For those who do not know about it, it would seem like some dates are syncing but some not. Unless we put up big red warning text that says “dates within 1 hour of current time will not sync to Google Calendar!!!”. Even then some people would want to sync it.

Is it possible to put them in two different documents and only enable Google Calendar sync on one of then?

Alternatively you can have a pomo archive document that’s not synced with Google Calendar and after you’re done, just send items to it.

is it possible to have a setting in dynalist to change this setting down the road?

Like, leave the default to sync everything, but give users the options to disable 1 hour syncing in settings?

I find I am time stamping things pretty frequently so I just disabled google sync.

I don’t want to use another document, since all my other documents are just copied revisions of my previous one document, so I can keep track of formatting changes overtime.

It’s definitely possible, but how likely would depend on how many people would choose this option.

Option is useful when 70% of users want choice A, 30% of users want choice B. That way we can make choice A the default and give an option for choice B. However, there are cases where 98% of users are okay with the default way, but 2% want a new way. Without enough data, it’s hard to tell, so our approach is to assume people are okay with the existing way, the reasoning being that if they are not, at least some of them will talk to us about it.

Adding an option isn’t free. If we were to add an option for every thing like this, soon people won’t even want to look at the settings as most of them would be irrelevant to them and it’s just unnecessarily overwhelming.

So we’ll wait and see if more people have this complaint. To whoever is reading this, if you feel the same need, please comment below, it’d be really helpful!

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I just stumbled upon a related issue: I would like to control which dates get synced and which are not synced.

The idea here is to use the date feature in two different ways

  • as a means of tagging entries in dynalist with a timestamp for search and organization
  • as a means of actually creating external calendar entries (multiple calendar support, please!)

Hi @Stefan_Plantikow,

I believe this idea has been brought up several times on the forum, but there’s no central place to talk about it yet.

If you’d like, feel free to open a new feature request for it so future discussions can be directed there :slight_smile: