Digital stylus not working on Windows App on Windows 10

Steps to reproduce

Using the stylus (microsoft pen) on a windows 10 tablet in the Windows version of Dynalist, a node cannot be selected for editing, nor can you click on the buttons and get a response (for exampe, the buttons for indenting and unindeting.)

If I click on the title of the document, i can edit the title - this is the expected behavior.

Expected result

When I clicking on a node, as doing with touch or the mouse, the cursor should be placed for editing.

Actual result

With the stylus, nothing is selected. It is as if Dynalist sees the pen as a floating mouse pointer, but when clicked on a node, there is no reaction.


Windows 10 (all current updates)
Microsoft Surface Pro tablet (2018)
Microsoft Surface Stylus (newest generation(

Additional information

This makes the pen fairly useless in tablet mode in Windows 10. Though touch support stilll works as well as the mouse.

That’s weird. I don’t think we have a Windows 10 computer with pen stylus that we can test with, but it sounds like there’s a third type of events other than touch (for fingers) and click (for mice).

@Shida: do you know anything about this?

I figured that was the case. I noticed in the CSS something about no-ink, but I have no clue if its connected and I don’t even know what that does.

But yes, the pen input doesnt work. It does work in the browser just fine. So it might be something related to the windows app (assuming its an electron app). It could be related to something like:

But that is a totally random guess. I have to say its not a show stopper, however with the Microsoft Go I am hoping Dynalist will get a few more customers in time through the windows app.

Keep up the good work,

Yeah, possibly. Or it might be an old Chrome bug that got fixed recently. Electron just uses Chromium internally, so the experience should be identical.

Thanks for the info!

Seems to be a Windows 10 issue.

After jumping some hoops through reddit and microsoft, I found this page:

Not sure if this solves it, but once scrolled down they say:

If you go to Pen & Windows Ink Settings, you’ll find a new option that allows your pen to behave like a mouse instead of scrolling or panning the screen.

Could you please give it a try and let us know if it helps?

@Shida thank you for your quick response. Basically your solution lead me down the right path.

To enable this setting you mention, I had to install the Insiders preview build on my Surface. I did this, but it still wasn’t working.

However, I then configured the app to start in Windows 7 compatibility mode, and now the Surface Pen is working properly (even without this setting for behaving like a mouse being on).

So solved. Seems Dynalist under current builds needs to run in compatibility mode for the Surface Pen.



Hope this issue gets resolved soon.

Yes I think this can be marked as resolved. Just need to be aware that an app might need to be configured for “compatibility mode” in the mean time.

Yeah, I hope others with this issue will be able to find this post before Microsoft fixes this :slight_smile:

Good work!