Desktop app suddenly stopped working

I’ve been using the desktop Dynalist app on MacOS daily for months.

Today, computer restarted, and now the app won’t open. Clicking the icon bounces it a couple of times but no window appears.

I’ve tried re-downloading the app and copying over the old one in Applications - no change.

I can still log in and use Dynalist in Chrome itself, no problem - just not the app.

Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot?


Desktop app 1.0.3
MacOs High Sierra 10.13.3

Could you please try deleting the “~/Library/Application Support/Dynalist/dynalist/install” folder and see if that helps?

It may be caused by the recent desktop app shell update.

That folder doesn’t exist:

ll ~/Library/Application\ Support/Dynalist/dynalist/
data/                            dynalist-2018-2-22-2-5-38.log    dynalist-2018-3-13-14-11-47.log  dynalist-2018-3-7-15-54-18.log   env.json
downloads/                       dynalist-2018-2-28-11-42-1.log   dynalist-2018-3-13-14-11-51.log  dynalist-2018-3-7-15-54-19.log   packages/
dynalist-2018-2-19-14-29-26.log  dynalist-2018-2-28-15-36-34.log  dynalist-2018-3-13-14-12-3.log   dynalist-2018-3-7-15-54-21.log   settings.json
dynalist-2018-2-19-9-32-56.log   dynalist-2018-2-28-20-0-58.log   dynalist-2018-3-13-14-14-16.log  dynalist.json

I see, sorry about that.

Could you please PM or email ( the latest .log file in that folder so we can investigate further? Thanks!

Sent it

However, it’s now resolved: I removed the directory “/Library/Application Support/Dynalist” entirely, restarted, and was able to log in again and it now seems to work.

That’s nice, thanks a lot for figuring it out and for the update!