Desktop app can open several files at once

It would be nice to be able to open several files at once, like tabs in a Browser.
It would be even better to be able to split the screen in 2 or 4 to display several files at the same time and to be able to move some items from one to the other.

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A highly requested feature

For now, the best workaround is to open dynalist in new browser windows and use copy and paste hotkey to move things between.


Tabs are what makes online sites great

Having multiple things open at the same time is very useful. Windows/tabs/split screen - not much difference for me, I’ll adapt, just give me something :slight_smile:

You can generate your own Dynalist app which will open in as many windows as you please, via this feature Add & open Chrome apps - Chrome Web Store Help

The only downsides are - no offline mode, and the title bar is blue.

Effectively what you are doing is disguising Chrome on the DynaList webpage as a standalone app. Which has all the advantages and disadvantages of using a web browser. There are a few other disadvantages than not having offline mode but they don’t come to mind at the moment.

Yeah, but it might satisfy some folks who didn’t know it was an option.
Technically, the official app disguises Chrome on the dynalist webpage too, except Electron’s chromium build has some security bypasses that lets it interact more with the file system.
Which reminds me of one more disadvantage: You can’t hyperlink to hard drive files via [blah](file:\\\C:\blah.jpg)

Thanks @BigChungus for suggestion. I was using something similar some time ago for a web page to app conversion - it was called Fluid App and indeed it works with Dynalist too. It lets me to have multiple tabs and windows, but there are some problems with cycling through them. I’ll see if using it will be more problematic than not having windows/tabs in the original app.

A feature that would REALLY be useful for multiple windows is to set a target. On the left i see what i want to move and on the right where i want to move it. Cut and paste don’t always do the job. If i mark the source, go to the target and then move the marked it to that target - or by any other UI - that would be useful. I can do this with one window but its clumsier because i have to navigate back and forth.

even simpler would be to start by having the toggle file pane be able to stay open with the file on the osx desktop.
Right now i have to have different files open in different browsers.
Was hoping the app would help…

That’s my solution. I abandoned the desktop app because the web browser lets me have more than one document open, and the app doesn’t. To take it a step further: I use Dynalist in MS Edge so it’s a separate window from my general browsing in Chrome.

Reminder… Opening the Desktop App ensures you have a local backup ;^)
I open up a Browser window with a few tabs for each project, then Name each Window accordingly, so its easy to see a list of projects when hovering over the Browser Icon in the (Windows) StartBar.
I open the Desktop App for my Daily Tracker and InBox mostly, and that ensures wherever I am working the database is backed up on the PC.

I have a local backup. It’s added into Dropbox every day and synced to my computer.

How do you rename windows?

I assume Daily Tracker is just a thing you designed in DynaList. I don’t see how InBox is a desktop-specific thing, unless you just mean you decided that window would always be open to Inbox.

Good evening Alan.
You can rename a Chrome Browser Window by right-clicking in the tab space (but no actually on a tab) and choosing “Name Window”.

For Firefox I use the “Winger” extension, fwiw.

Daily tracker is, yes, just a document I created in Dynalist.

I have a window named InBox/Dailies, with tabs open to various documents I frequent such as InBox, Health, Exercise, a couple of personal logs (broken out into key subjects) …kind of thing.

If I have to track some various client projects, there may be Daily Trackers for each client, with key zones I am working in open in tabs, THEN for some clients with lots of varied projects around the country, I will have, for instance, a Window named ProjectX with several tabs into currently running aspects I am tracking in ProjectX… lumber, maintenance, surveillance, servers, webdev, landscape, architecture, legal, etc .

There are a number of clients and tons of projects. The Windows grouping of tabs facilitates “at-a-glance navigation” over a broad workscape.
…kinds of things.

May not make sense to others, but its working for me at the moment ;^)_