Delete line moves cursor up one line--odd?

Perhaps I’m the only one, but it seems odd to me that when deleting a line with CTRL-D, the cursor jumps up by one line to the previous line in a list. It seems that it would be more intuitive if the cursor stayed on the same line number as what was deleted, thus being on the next line of text when a line is deleted instead of the previous line of text.

Ctrl-D is not a standard key. There are two standards: Ctrl-Shift-Delete and Ctrl-Shift-Backspace. One does what you want.

My complaint is Ctrl-Enter (mark done) doesn’t move the cursor if it’s the last item in the list.

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Hello Alan and thank you for responding.
I will change my hotkeys to use CTRL-SHIFT-DELETE instead of CTRL-DELETE. Thanks for the tip.

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