Delete document keyboard shortcut

I’ve only found a single way to delete an entire document, which is right-click and select delete. I know the keyboard shortcut to delete a list from inside of a document, but it seems like quite the oversight to have to click 3 times to delete any document. (right-click, click delete, click yes).

Am I missing something?

You’re not missing anything! There’s no current keyboard shortcut for it because it’s not that commonly used. Not as common as deleting an item, at least.

There’s an umbrella feature request card for this on our roadmap though, you can vote for it here:

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I am curious what you are using documents for where the right click adds up to more time than setting up a hotkey. I delete a document once a month maybe so I’m curious.

I just started using dynalist yesterday, and was testing things and made a bunch of documents (trying to convert my evernote bullet points to OPML for import). I just wanted to delete like 10 things, it was kind of a pain.

If you’re just experimenting, try dragging them under a folder and delete the folder instead.

Thanks for the tip!

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