Default Mac key bindings for ctrl-p/n not going up/down items


Steps to reproduce

Use ctrl-p and ctrl-n to move up and down a line respectively. These are default mac os x bindings. See

Expected result

To move up/down line within a multi-line item. To move to previous/next item, once you’re at the first/last line of an item.

This behavior is respected by WorkFlowy on both web and desktop.

Actual result

Moving up/down a line within an item works, but once you’re at the edge of an item you’re stuck, and don’t move to previous/next item.


Mac, both desktop and web.

Additional comments

Thank you for not overwriting any of the ctrl bindings (at least from what I’ve seen)! Not being to move up/down freely is a deal breaker for me though.

It’s probably safe to map ctrl-p and ctrl-n to whatever up arrow and down arrow are doing.