Deep copy lists (cross reference other lists, or master watch list)

I would like the ability to create a deep copy of a list.

Example: I have the following lists.


  • Master
    — Checklist item 1
  • Work
    — Checklist item 2
  • School
    — Checklist item 3

Work and school could be nested much deper deeply. This example is an over-simplification.

What I would like to do with deep copy is have school #todo and work #todo to deep copy as children under master > #todo.

If I modify work or school #todo, it updates in master.

I would need this feature because I have multiple areas in my life that have independent next step to do lists, but I would like them all to auto update in the master for a large picture view.

Sorry if this explanation is poorly written.

Tldr; deep copy nested lists so a master list can monitor child lists updates and vice versa. Or projects watch each other’s progress.

It sounds like you want this:

If so, it doesn’t exist yet but you’re not alone in wanting it.

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I think you are correct. I guess the proper name is symbolic link, a deep copy implies a new object. Lol being a user I may say adding symbolic links shouldn’t be difficult… Lol but I am sure there are plenty of complexities that I am unaware of.
I’ll upvote the feature if possible.