Decentralization in the spirit of Pinboard

Another service I use for massive collections of stuff is the social-bookmarking site Pinboard, which has a very simple but powerful API with a ton of third party apps.

Not only is it easier to find an app that suits my needs, but also I can easily build my own if I think it’s worth the effort.

The developers of Dynalist are awesome for making a Workflowy-like app that is much-much more receptive to the community. But I say don’t stop short there! Let’s build a collaborative framework for listing and outlining together. I can’t wait to see all the tools and additions people will come up with.


It’s great to see an alternative to Delicious for bookmarking, but with the ease of using scripts to save websites in Dynalist, I’m wondering what Pinboard might offer in addition to Dynalist. I’m curious.

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An API :joy:

If Dynalist had as powerful of an API, I agree it might come close to surpassing Pinboard in many ways. If the API is strong enough we might even eventually be able to emulate most of Pinboard’s features and third party tools. Personally, I love both so I’m looking for a better way to integrate them together (along with all my other stuff).

I’m interested to know specifically how an API helps with a service like Pinboard. What can you do with it that you can’t with Dynalist?

Check out Spillo. It’s my favorite Pinboard app.

Pinboard alone is just a service and a very simple website, which I think is a really cool model. Bananfish Software personalized the service with a unique UI and extra features. For example, a built in browser that automatically goes to the selected address.

I too use pinboard as my default bookmarking application, although I still resort to google chrome bookmarks with some dynalist bookmarks as well

Would be nice to push something from dynalist onto pinboard though

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