Dates - I seem to be missing the point. Can someone enlighten me

Hi All,

Newbie to Dynalist, and indeed outliners and similar apps, and I have a question on dates.

I added dates to 3 items Yesterday but was left wondering, late in the day, what the point was.

There’s no email notification, no calendar view or alert of any kind at all. Surely the whole point of dates is that you don’t miss something. Is there a way of achieving this in dynalist?

Many thanks

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I don’t think that is the prupose necessarily. You can use them that way by using the Google calendar integration. Or the powerpack integration that gives you a dashboard for due items.

I personally use them for a kind of history of discoveries and events. I always know when a certain idea or thought has happened and can scroll through them in Google calendar.


Yea, agree with Louis. On top of that, you can use them to search for things which are due today i.e. within:0d or within:-7d for things which are overdue. For a while my main ‘page’ within dynalist was a search of items tagged with⭐ (focus), or overdue / due today - I never missed anything. Generally (you probably don’t want my advice, but anyway :D), I find relying on reminders too heavily turns my brain to mush - I prefer to keep my brain scared enough that it’s going to miss something to check my calendar directly. They’re useful for some things of course …


I don’t typically have due dates. I have appointments and events, and these I stick in a list. Any dates I write I just write 2-14, and I have no need for date searching or date-driven alarms.


Is the google Calendar integration available on the free plan or only paid?

I’ve not heard of the powerpack thing.


Always open to advice sir, especially as I’m a noob. Hmmm I’ll ponder the things you’ve said and thanks for the hints on searching - sounds a potential way.

In fairness I doubt I will use Dynalist as my main to-do tool - Remember the Milk is just too perfect for me , so that will remain my main to do tool.

I’ll probably use Dynalist, or alternate equivalent, for note taking/keeping and storing information for reference.

Thanks for all the answers all :slight_smile:

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I use dates a lot. I have a bookmark for the search: until:0d -is:completed, which shows me all unfinished items that are either due today or overdue. It’s a great dashboard for what needs my attention right now.


If your date is at the front of your item, you can use the sort feature to sort by date. I date all of my todo items, the date indicating when I next want to consider doing something on the item, a la


It syncs to google calendar so i get notifications on my phone. Pro plan.

I do not recommend powerpack, its a massive complex piece of javascript and i found it super confusing and buggy.

Just tried Remember the Milk. Yuck. Lol. Too constrained and too much mouse movement required.