Date Sort

I put a date at the start of most items.

The item sort does not seem to sort correctly on these dates.

This is true no matter how I format the date.

Hi David, fellow user here. Sorting items by date works for me. I put the date at the beginning of each item, as you describe.

Could you post an example list that isn’t sorting right for you?

Here, Today is the newest date. It should be before Yesterday in a sort on Title that I expect to go from newest to oldest. In this instance, it seems to be sorting at first glance on the first letter of the day of the week or the “Today” or “Yesterday”, but it isn’t because “Tues” should come before “Today” in a reverse sort. I figure it would sort right if just typed the date “2019/05/07” and the like instead of using the date entry feature !(2019/05/07) but I kind of like the idea of these items showing up in Google calendar so I can see what I did on each date. Also, I very much like the system calculating the day of the week for each date.


Here it is sorted the other direction. I am not sure which one is A to Z and which one is Z to A but neither is in correct date order for either direction.

I did one with no “Today” and no “Yesterday.”
It seems to work fine.

I am guessing it is the “Today” and “Yesterday” probably also “2 days ago” and the like that is causing the problem.

Hmm, something odd is happening here; it seems to be sorting correctly for me. Here is the list I created to mimic yours:

- Test
    - !(2019-06-24) Got document
    - !(2019-06-23) Met with M
    - !(2019-05-10) Meeting M and returned
    - !(2019-05-07) PC M and visited C

When I sort Test by Title A-Z I get them in oldest-to-newest order, as I expected:


When I sort Test by Title Z-A I get them in newest-to-oldest order:


I’m using the Dynalist website on Windows in Google Chrome. Are you using the website or one of the desktop apps?

Can I just point out that this is at best a work around? Yes, you can sort by date in the year-month-day format. You thereby eliminate every other way of sorting. You can have a list of birthdays and either enter them so you can sort them by name or by date, but not both. You can’t have a list with employment experience, education experience, vacations taken, important life events, etc. grouped together and then do a flat search to see them all in chronological order.

Just standing on my soapbox, here. Let’s not pretend that Dynalist actually can sort by date. It (and other lacking date functions) remains my biggest hesitation to committing to the program 110%. My problem is that it does everything else so well . . .


I was using the desktop app.
I will try Chrome to see if the result is different.

I may have solved the mystery in at least one instance possibly all instances.

I had some dates entered like !(2019-05-01) and another like !(2019/05/01).

It seems for most purposes it doesn’t matter whether “/” or “-” but apparently for sorting purposes it makes a difference.

Aha! I didn’t know Dynalist allowed dates with slashes in them. Good catch!

Don’t worry guys, this is at the top of our todo list and will be released soon.

Items will be sorted by the first date in them; if they somehow have multiple dates, the other ones will be ignored.

Implemented in the latest version of the web app and 1.1.24+ on the desktop app.