Date no longer showing a red background

Any date that displayed as “Today” used to be red, now it is white. Is there a way to get the red back?

Windows 10, Chrome, web app only, after checkbox update.

Windows app seems unaffected, but I can’t get the checkbox update either.

I second this problem - I was seeing “today” items in red - now the white does not stand out from any future date. Putting a time in makes it red, but some things simply need to be done today; not at a specific time; the fake time has a clunky look, plus makes an “any time today” item look ike it’s past due or not yet due. Would love to have the simple red “today” that worked yesterday.

This will be fixed soon, sorry about that!

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No apology necessary! Glad it will be addressed. My elderly eyeballs thank you.

It should be fixed now. Thanks again for letting us know!

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