Date markdown not recognized in iOS app, in my main document only

Steps to reproduce

Expected result

Formatted dates, dates show up in has:date search

Actual result

Pictures above


iPad Pro dynalist app

Additional information

On desktop and android app the dates are formatted correctly and show up in search. It’s only when I view the document in the iOS app that the problem occurs.

If I make a new document it works fine in that document.

Additional comments

Date markdown is !(2018-09-01), not !(9-1-2018). How did you generate those?

If the format is not exactly right, it won’t be recognized.

Here’s a tool to generate Dynalist-recognizable dates: A simple script for generating Dynalist dates at fixed intervals

Oh! Let me try changing them to the right format. I never knew, because on desktop and android it actually works with the wrong format

[edit: yes that fixed it. thank you!~]

That’s weird…

Anyway, recreating them should be easy with that tool. Good luck!

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