Date as a tag

I’d love dates to be their own tag-type, similar to # and @. Currently, clicking on the date brings up the edit pop up. It’d be cool if I could also click on a date (shift+click?), and filter/see all notes associated with that date.

Currently, I use a search by date function, but this would make things much smoother.


I like this. Very handy to what else is on the same day when reviewing an item. Shift-click sounds good.

Good Idea

By that date you mean exactly that date? Like if one date is today 3pm and another is today 7pm, are they related to each other? There could be a lot of other edge cases but this is the first one off the top of my head.

If we can get those all sorted out this sounds like a nice idea though.

I think this will be something like calendar pane in Moo.Do, which is a very very good thing for dynalist to have.

I believe what you’re suggesting (clicking on a date will bring up relevant dates) is quite different from what offers with its calendar pane (show all dates sorted by date). Right?

A good start would be a simple date-filter, regardless of the time. Times can be unordered, or sorted chronologically (a-z, z-a).

Makes sense. Sorting will require 10x of the work of the non-sorting version, so it might be good to get that part implemented first.