Dashes converted to hyphens - intentional?

When I enter a dash, Dynalist converts it automatically to a hyphen. I then have to cursor back and add in the space again.

Is this intentional? If so, why? Can we be given the option, or have the behaviour changed to normal?

Are you using the font setting “Calibri Light”?

I am indeed Erica. Large. Just tried a different font, and behaviour is as expected. What gives?

The Calibri Light font has a weird font feature turned on, I’m still not sure what. We tried to fix it in the past but that seemed to mess up font kearning (how text look when some pairs of characters are next to each other).

If you like the Calibir font, switching to Calibri should fix it. Unless you really prefer Calibri Light to Calibri.

I really like the Calibri light too. Because when you have a lot of notes you are want to use the smallest possible font. It is good for represent alot of information even on small screens on laptop. If you fix the problem it reduce a lot of stress of extra dashes!! Thnx.